Nintendo launches new Wi-Fi add-on

The Wii might already have Wi-Fi built-in, but that hasn’t stopped Nintendo announcing a separate “Nintendo WiFi Network Adapter” for the console.

It’s actually a wireless router for those Wii fans having difficulty getting the console online. It’s got a switch for different modes depending on how you want to use it.

As well as a router it has other options. “Bridge” enables gamers to connect to another router in the house to communicate with your DS and Wii using Wi-Fi, while “Auto” lets you switch your household’s network over to the Wii router.

Useful gadget or yet another money-making gimmick? We certainly think it’s cute, but with Wi-Fi routers often bundled free with home broadband, is it necessary? Let us know in the comments section.

Out September 18 (Japan) | £43 | Nintendo | (via Kotaku)

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