Vista and flash drives - can’t we all just get along

Just when you thought you could abandon your fragile spinning disks and jump into the world of flash based solid state drives it turns out that Vista isn’t their best friend, which could be a bit of a problem down the road.

Small flash drives work fine in little laptops running XP or Linux – like the Asus Eee PC – but when it comes to Microsoft’s latest OS it seems that Vista isn’t optimised for SSDs and the current crop of disks won’t play nicely with Vista either.

This isn’t brilliant, according to Sandisk, and it’s having to spend time working around the holes in Vista instead of making bigger and better disks. As a result, it’ll be some time before we see proper size 128GB and 256GB models, but at least the Vista haters will have one more thing to moan about.

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SanDisk (via Liliputing)

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