SelfSat’s Flat Antenna replaces the satellite dish

All those high-def TV channels that Freesat is broadcasting right now for free could be directed straight onto your HD TV using this flat antenna. No need to install a satellite dish. Just screw the H21D on the wall and paint it.

It’s good news for anyone that lives in a shared block or a Grade 1 listed castle that can’t get planning permission to fit a proper satellite dish. Thanks to a radical redesign of the receiver dish, the H21D flat antenna is able to pick up the Freesat signal via a flat surface and send it to your Freesat set-top box. Just clamp it onto the side of a building, a window, or prop it up on the supplied stand. The surface is paintable so that it can match the wall your mounting it on and it even comes with floral and football team stickers. Your local council planning authority will have no idea that your secretly enjoying free HD satellite telly. Suckers.

Out soon | £150 (from Eurosat & SatelliteShop) SelfSat

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