Apple slams UK as iPhone unlock capital

Our inside source at one of the official iPhone 3G retailers says Apple’s got the hump with Britain, as its reputation for cracking the handset reaches new heights.

Word is, less than 15% of iPhones sold after the last price drop appeared on O2’s network, with the majority being hacked for use on rival networks or sold on abroad.

According to our source, the UK will receive a very limited stock of the iPhone 3G as a result, especially in its 16GB guise, which explains O2’s rationing of the next-gen handsets.

We’re also told the white version may not make it to the UK at all, as Apple chooses to send its stock to less risky nations.

And there’s news on pay as you go pricing too, our insider says the 8GB version will hit at £349, a disappointing increase on O2’s leak last week.

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Out July 11 | From £free | AppleO2

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