No Grand Theft Auto movie, Ever

It’s time to crack open the bubbly, because there won’t be a Grand Theft Auto movie after all. Rumours were spreading that GTA would be turned into a blockbuster, possibly starring rapper Eminem, but they’ve been shot down by a legal settlement.

Given how bad game movies tend to be, that’s not a bad thing.

Most of the red tape seems to stem from the fact there has been a movie of the same name before. Rockstar even entered a legal agreement with Fox to ensure they would never make a movie based on the game.

Quite why Fox wouldn’t want to be involved in a potential money-making blockbuster like a GTA film is anyone’s guess though.

As much as we’d like to see a real Oscar-worthy transition to the big screen, we’re not optimistic of it working out. It took us a while to get over Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, so lets pray Niko and his friends stay where we like them: on the small screen in our lounge.

(Via Hollywood Daily)

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