Asus Eee PC - old vs new benchmark battle

Want to see how the shiny new Eee PC 901 stacks up against the old faithful 900? Click on through to follow all the video action, live and direct from a hotel bedroom in Taipei.

As you can see from this side by side vid courtesy of Eee PC News the newer 901 trounces the 900 when it comes to graphics. Just watch the way it idly throws those pixel boxes around while the older machine appears to gently lift each one into place and make sure it’s securely fastened down before moving onto the next one.

You can also get a feel for the size difference – the new kid is a little on the larger size – and see the underclock/overclock button in action. Enough to tempt you to splash out or are you courting one of the other tiny models?

Out TBC | £TBC
ASUS (via Liliputing video courtesy Eee PC News)

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