Eco-friendly hybrid Land Rovers, Jaguars here in five years

Land Rover and Jaguar have both begun development of hybrid engines to power their next-generation run-arounds. They’re late off the starting block, but thanks to a cash boost from new owner Tata Motors, they’ll have eco-friendly models in five years.

What’s more, both firms have also bagged Government funding to forge ahead with eco-friendly products.

A three litre diesel six cylinder engine, an bigger version of the current 2.7 litre, and a new five litre direct injected V8 are being considered for inclusion in the hybrids, so there’s little chance they’ll be underpowered when it comes to opening them up.

However, they’ll also be frugal with fuel around town, thanks to Land Rover’s development of its own ‘Electric Rear Axle Drive’ electric motor.

Exciting stuff, but if you can’t wait five years, check out existing Land Rover electric conversions, but warn your bank manager first.

Out 2013 | £TBC
Land Rover (via Autocar)

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