Grand Theft Auto IV going multiplayer

Update: Multiplayer GTA now seems official. Play Magazine reports that the multiplayer mode is accessed through your mobile phone in a single player game, and that you use your blower to invite up to 16 friends to join you. As host of the game, you control the time of day, vehicles available, weapon types, traffic, the location of the game, the weather and choose to have the game feature police or not.

We’ve put in a request to Rockstar for the official line on multiplayer GTA. We’ll let you know their answer as soon as we get it.

Liberty City’s about to get a lot of new residents. Screenshots have surfaced showing Grand Theft Auto’s latest incarnation packing multiplayer modes for city-wide deathmatch action.

Dutch Xbox fansite XboxWorld just posted these shots (which are reportedly in-game), showing not one, but multiple players battling it out at the same time.

It’s hard to tell if these are faked or not, although if there’s a spot of photoshopping going on here, someone has taken a long time to do it. There are 21 screenshots in all, and many show previously unseen GTA 4 scenes too.

We’re coming ‘round to the idea of multiplayer GTA 4, but until Rockstar makes it official, we’d advise against getting your hopes up.
GTA IV (via XboxWorld)

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